ESR attestation by Ecocert

OLVEA Burkina Faso, the Shea butter production unit of OLVEA Vegetable Oils, became a responsible operator with the "Mastery" level of responsible performance according to the ESR standard (Fairness, Solidarity and Responsibility) of Ecocert.

This standard defines various criteria (social, economic and environmental) through seven axes. These key themes are inspired by the ISO 26000 standard recommendation: organizational governance, human rights, employment relations and working conditions, environment, good business practices, consumer and social commitment.

These topics are in accordance with the sustainable supply chain approach adopted by OLVEA Burkina Faso for several years, which has become a UEBT member (Union for Ethical BioTrade) since 2013.

Thus, OLVEA Burkina Faso now produces a fair Shea Butter certified by Ecocert, in addition to its conventional, organic and sustainable butters.

To discover the sustainable supply chain of OLVEA Burkina Faso, watch the movie!