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An ancestral tradition

Shea plays a very important social and economic role in rural areas; it is one of the few chains with a significant economic potential for women, and where their role is recognized.

Indeed, the harvest and processing of Shea fruit is done by women. From May to August, they pick up the fruit in the African bush once it has fallen onto the ground, to guarantee full maturity, before bringing them home. They follow several steps to obtain the precious Shea kernels. They remove the sweet and edible pulp of the fruit, which is very appreciated by the children, in order to obtain the nut, which is then boiled, dried in the sun and shelled. The kernel obtained is sun-dried again before being sold or processed into butter.

Thus, “Women’s gold” is an additional source of income for millions of women in rural Burkina Faso and gives them some economic independence (in particular to pay for their family’s schooling and healthcare).

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