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An ancestral tradition

The harvest of Argan fruits and is a Berber tradition for women only. The techniques of Argan oil extraction are based on traditional knowledge that has been passed from mother to daughter within families down the centuries. The result is a miracle oil, which finally found its way across the Mediterranean to Europe and the rest of the world a few years ago.

Between June and August, the women harvest the ripe fruit that has fallen onto the ground, and dry those several weeks in the sun. They retrieve the nut, deemed to be sixteen times stronger than hazelnuts, which they crack between two stones in order to obtain the precious, oil-rich kernels. This work is hard: in one working day, a woman can produce from 1 to 1.5 kg of kernels. 35 kg of ripe fruit yields 25 kg of dry fruit, of which 20 kg of nuts. From this nuts, only 3 kg of kernels are extracted, which will produce 1 kg of oil after cold pressing.

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