Equipment of 2 wells in Morocco by Marocavie

In the region of Ait Lazza in Morocco, the supply of drinking water is far and hard to reach; thus, the inhabitants have a limited access to this vital resource. A project of providing water connections to the villages of this region has been set up, in order to limit the rural exodus and school dropouts. This project has been financed by Marocavie, and consists in the exploitation of two existing wells, which needed: a pump, a water distribution network, solar panels, as well as a water tank.
One well is located in the village of Bougdrour, the other in the village of Agni, and also provides water to the village of Tiguemi Ouzrou.
The equipment of those wells benefited to 70 families, for a total of 376 persons (among whom 166 children).

Agni water tank
Water tank

Marocavie was established in 2008 as a charitable organization formed by the co-workers of OLVEA Morocco, who wanted to participate in the sustainable development of Morocco. Marocavie is dedicated to support economic, social and environmental projects in the Southwestern part of Morocco where the argan tree forests are found.
Marocavie is financed by OLVEA Morocco, which gives to this organization a part of its turnover.
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