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Our sustainability charter

For the OLVEA Group, sustainable development means reconciling economic efficiency with social fairness and the protection of the environment in a process of continuous improvement.
The OLVEA Group contributes to the worldwide sustainable development effort by minimizing the ecological footprint of its productions. 

This charter has been drawn up to share our commitments to support sustainable development. For sure it will be necessary to go faster and even further but together with our suppliers and customers, we are more then ever determined to pursue sustainable development principals.

markerAct as a socially responsible employer
markerRespect for human being
markerA win-win relationship
markerCustomer's satisfaction : a total commitmentl
markerLimit our ecological footprint
markerBuild today for tomorrow
markerQuality Policy supports sutainable development
markerA sustainable economic performance
markerCommitments in the citizen's life

The OLVEA Group commits itself to promoting the professional development of its people and to ensuring their safety and well-being:

• autonomy and responsibility of the employees;
• improvement of the working conditions: hygiene and safety;
• continuous training;
• introduction of profit-sharing for all the employees;
• economical impact of OLVEA Group’s activity on the municipality of Fécamp.

The OLVEA Group trades with oils from around the world. Today, we face a major challenge: guarantee that the manufacturing conditions of ours oils are respectful of the Human being.
Thus we only work with suppliers who guarantee us to work in accordance with the local laws concerning the working conditions and in particular: 
• Working schedules;
• Employees of 16 or older.
• No resort to forced, hidden, hazardous or prison work;
• Work and life conditions decent and secure;
• Respect of freedom of association;
• Prohibition of any form of discrimination.

We are creating with our suppliers more than just a commercial relationship. From a common understanding arises a mutual trust. 

We are motivated by a common determination: to offer a wide range of oils with respect to our quality policy and with the objective of protecting the environment.

• Guarantee a competitive offer in compliance with the regulations in force;
• Supply to our customers clear information about our oils;
• Meet our customers’ needs offering tailored-made solutions;
• Offer a wide range of oils organic certified by Ecocert;
• Analyze the customer satisfaction, identify the root causes and implement the relevant corrective actions.

• Our oils are biodegradable and reproducible resources;
• Relying on bulk transportation to reduce truck pollution and delocalizing our extraction units in the countries of culture of the raw material;
• A supply chain approach to guarantee that each production step meets our environmental objectives;
• Decreasing our natural gas consumption : insulation of tanks, warm room, etc.;
• Market by-products.

Early 2010, the Group OLVEA has moved its head office and its packaging unit in the industrial park of Fécamp. Environment and energy consciousness have leaded our orientation on this new site. 

• Proximity offices / warehouse : cutting out the numerous trips;
• System of recovery of rainwater in particular for the watering of the green spaces;
• Insulation of the building;
• Installation of a air to water heat pump: this system allows to realize approximately 50 % of energy saving with regard to a classic electric heating;
• Installation of a Thermo-mechanical ventilation with double stream: this system allows to limit the heat losses inherent to the ventilation and to realize heat savings of about 15 % with regard to a simple classic stream.

• Control and follow up of all the production steps of our oils;
• Approve and evaluate our suppliers, and make regular audits;
• Deal with customer’s complaints;
• Respect the regulations in force on our production and packing sites, regarding sanitary safety, hygiene, controls and traceability;
• Respect the environment by choosing raw materials which protect the biodiversity and by privileging the use of recyclable packages and the elimination of over-packaging;
• Control the chemical, allergenic, physical, microbiological hazards according to the methods of the HACCP for the safety of the packaged oils;
• ISO 9001 in process.

• A steady growth since 10 years;
• An ambitious program of investments;
• Management and risk prevention;
• Respect of the legislation in force.

The OLVEA Group contributes to promote its values of solidarity, generosity and respect through its Association, its foundation, and various social actions. Our purpose is to develop targeted action programs that benefit the entire community with the support of active local, national or international partners.

- Philanthropic Fund: in order to support social, environmental and art-related initiatives in the regions where it is located, the OLVEA Group has created a Philanthropic Fund, which supports initiatives in France, Morocco and Burkina Faso.

- Marocavie: in Morocco, to implement the actions of the Philanthropic Fund, the OLVEA Group employees have set up a charitable organization, Marocavie, to support projects that aim to improve the education of children and the socio-economic development of women, as well as to combat the spread of the desert and slow down the rural exodus.

For more information on Marocavie's actions, visit