• Headquarters
    OLVEA Group – Saint Léonard (France) Since 2010, the OLVEA Group has established, in an industrial zone, its subsidiaries’ headquarters and laboratory, as well as a new warehouse for production, storage and conditioning of 6,000 sqm for OLVEA Vegetable Oils.
  • OLVEA’s production units in Morocco
    OLVEA Atlantic - Agadir (Maroc) : Sourcing, selection and processing of Omega-3 fish oils along the coastline of Africa. OLVEA Morocco - Agadir (Maroc) : The leading supplier of argan oil for the cosmetic and food industries.
  • Storage tanks
    OLVEA Vegetable Oils - Saint Léonard (France) tHE OLVEA Group deals with more than 40,000 tons of oils a year with a 70% export market share rate.
  • Shore tanks
    OLVEA Fish Oils – Saint Léonard (France) Arrival on the shore tanks platform of OLVEA Fish Oils à Fécamp (France) of a fish oil tanker.
  • Refining unit
    OLVEA Atlantic -Agadir (Maroc) Refining unit dedicated to Omega 3 fish oils.
  • Winterisation unit
    OLVEA Atlantic - Agadir (Maroc) With winterisation capacities over 30,000 tons per year and a strong reputation of excellence, Olvea Fish Oils with its Moroccan subsidiary Olvea Atlantic, has become the European leader in the production of winterised fish oils and animal oils.


With over 85 years of experience and know-how in the fatty acids industry, OLVEA is a leading supplier of vegetable and fish oils.
Our teams and our long term commitment with our suppliers daily prove it possible to promote natural products with exceptional properties, while guaranteeing total traceability, controlled quality, and also contribute to sustainable development.

Arnauld Daudruy, President of OLVEA
Caroline Mayaud-Daudruy, Managing Director of OLVEA

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