Tuition and financial aid for students1

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Tuition and financial aid for students

The Philanthropic Fund of the OLVEA Group has launched a tuition and financial aid for high school graduates from Fécamp (the region where the Group is located).

The selected students have obtained the financing of their first two years of higher education (all or part of their school fees and/or accommodation) out of Fécamp, from September 2013. In order to be chosen, the students, from the 3 high schools of Fécamp, had to meet the following criteria:
– Have a business-oriented higher education project,
– Have a strong potential,
– Have good school results,
– Have an entrepreneurial spirit (active in associations, sports club, …),
– Be coming from a modest background.

The aim of this support program is to help the emergence of young talents from Fécamp, likely to create employment in the region for long term.

This year, 7 students have been selected. They have met their respective tutors, and have presented more widely their projects when signing the aid agreement. We wish them a lot of success in the future.




Parc d’activités des Hautes Falaises,
rue Jean Paumier
76400 Saint Léonard – France
Tel. : +33 235 292 854
Fax : +33 235 276 429
E-Mail : info[at]
Application : rh[at]

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