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vignette-group-presentationNowadays, the OLVEA group employs more than 200 people and makes a turnover of 100 million euros for more than 40,000 tons of oils.

A wide range of operations :
- Cosmetic, pharmaceutical and agribusiness for OLVEA Vegetable Oils (previously Olvea)
- Animal feed, pharmaceutical industry (omega 3) and the lubricant market (lard oil) for OLVEA Fish Oils (previously Winterisation Europe)

In Agadir, OLVEA Atlantic is entirely dedicated to the selection, analysis, storage, refining, purification and winterisation of high content omega 3 fish oils.

The group’s growth rate has reached more than 15 % a year for the last 10 years.

In the past 6 years, aiming for growth, the group has invested more than 36 million euros in new production and warehousing capacities in conformity with health and environment regulations.

Besides, the OLVEA Group is more and more dedicating itself to the risk analysis and the control of its products and industrial processes with the frame of reference of the ISO 9001, IFIS and HACCP standards.