The Saint Etienne church :

Built on a natural promontory, the church overlooks the town’s port. Renaissance and Neo-Gothic styles are reflected in the architecture of the church. It also has a remarkable Renaissance doorway which is listed as a “historical monument”.
The church remains a sanctuary for fishermen and their families, who celebrate Saint-Pierre des Marins (“Saint Peter of the Fishermen”) on the first Sunday of February every year to recall the Grand Pardon, which marked the fishermen’s departure for Newfoundland.

The restoration :

On the request of Fondation d’Entreprise Fécamp Patrimoine, the town of Fécamp, which owns the building, entrusted Mr Roger Carli, a conservation professional, with the restoration of the church of Saint Etienne.
The restoration project concerns:
• a number of painted mural decorations that are characteristic of the end of the XIX century and are located in the choir and its nave. The decorations surround seven large historical religious paintings that are pasted directly on to the walls of the choir’s large archways. The painted and gilded borders of these works, together with the presence of several mural paintings, create a harmony with the surrounding architecture. Their global and cohesive nature constitute a remarkable whole.
• four triangular pasted spandrels located between the archways depicting the Evangelists;
• four lateral triangular pasted spandrels depicting angels;
• the polychromy of the two lateral apsidal chapels’ arches and walls, which are decorated with stars and fleurs-de-lys;
• the polychromy of the arches and walls of the apse of the choir, including the pasted and fresco decorations under the archways in the apse of the choir (21 archways in total);
• “Christ at the column”, a painting by Pierre-Charles Le Mettay, 18th century.

This restoration project is sponsored by the Fondation d’Entreprise Fécamp Patrimoine, the town of Fécamp, the Région Haute Normandie and the Fondation du Patrimoine. Funds are also being raised among companies, inhabitants and the friends of Fécamp.

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