• Harbour of Fécamp
    The OLVEA Group is ideally located in the industrial zone of Fécamp, Saint Leonard, in Normandy.
  • More than 80 years of expertise
    Since 1929, the family-owned OLVEA Group provides expertise in fats and oils to serve its customers.
  • Family Company
    Since its foundation in 1929, four generations of chairman have succeeded at the head of Olvea Group.
  • Factory in 1955
    110 route de Valmont - Fécamp (France) Olvea factory in 1955 in Fécamp, where we were already processing fish and animal oils.
  • Bérigny dock
    Bérigny dock, Fécamp (France). At the time of the cod fishing, boats coming back from Newfounland, were unloading their cargo on the Bérigny dock. Fécamp was with Saint-Malo the main French port for cod fishing.


Origin: 1929 – 1945
Evolution: 1945 – 1970
A new direction: 1970 – 1998
Development and structuring: late 90’s
From distributor to producer: since 2003
Change of the identities: 2013
New subsidiaries
Latest investments

Origin: 1929 -1945
In 1929, the OLVEA Group was called “S.I.R.H.” (Société d’Importation et de Raffinage d’Huiles). It developed through the Fécamp cod fishing off Newfounland and Greenland.
SIRH mainly stocked up on cod liver oil from the “Terre Neuvas” boats which came back to Fécamp to unload salt cod. These oils were sold for human and animal consumption.

Evolution: 1945 – 1970
After World War II, the company developed its activities in the field of marine oils.
It specialised in the cold filtration of fish and animal oils, a process called ‘winterisation’.

A new direction: 1970 – 1998
In the 1970’s, a cosmetic and pharmaceutical vegetable oils business unit was created to develop the company’s product portfolio.

Development and structuring: late 90’s
At the end of the 1990’s, SIRH specialized in the omega 3 fish oils trading. At the same time, it divided its activities in 2 subsidiaries sharing the different businesses of the group : Laboratoire Soetenaey for the vegetable oils and Winterisation Europe for the fish and lard oils.

For the last 10 years, the group’s growth rate has reached more than 15 % a year. Aiming for growth, the group has invested more than 11 million euros in new production and warehousing capacities, compliant with health and environment regulations.

From distributor to producer: since 2003 In 2003 the Group built a factory in Agadir in order to select, refine and winterise the Moroccan fish oils with a high omega 3 content . This new subsidiary ‘Winterisation Atlantic’ started its activities in 2005.

In 2007, the Group decided to merge the activities of Laboratoire Soetenaey and Sictia, by creating OLVEA (former name of OLVEA Vegetable Oils). At the same time, the SIRH Group dedicated its investments to the global control of its vegetable oils supply chains by building up oil extraction units in the native countries of the raw materials, with:
Marogania (created in 2007, former name of OLVEA Morocco): extraction unit specialized in the production of Argan oil and others vegetable oils, in Morocco.
– Burkarina (created in 2008, former name of OLVEA Burkina Faso): extraction unit specialized in the production of Shea butter, in Burkina Faso.

The SIRH Group has created in 2007 its own Philanthropic Fund, in order to support art-related, social and environmental initiatives in the regions where the Group is located.
In 2008, a charitable organization, Marocavie, was created in Morocco. It supports projects that aim to protect the Argan forest, improve the socio-economic development of women and the education of children.

In 2010, the SIRH Group and its subsidiaries, OLVEA and Winterisation Europe, moved their head offices in the industrial park of Fécamp, the Parc d’Activités des Hautes Falaises of Saint Léonard. At this location, OLVEA (Vegetable Oils) has a new production, storage and packing unit of 6.000m², which enable going along with the growth of its activites and the evolution of the production standards.

In 2012, the fish oils business unit has built up a storage unit in Nouadhibou: Winterisation Mauritania.

Change of identity: 2013
In 2013, the SIRH Group and its subsidiaries have changed their names, in order to become one and only entity: OLVEA.

New subsidiaries
In 2013 two subsidiaries were created; OLVEA Ghana, sourcing unit of vegetable and fish oils, and OLVEA Netherlands, trading company of vegetable oils.

Latest investments
In 2014, a fish oils storage facility (food and pharma standards) was built up in Saint Léonard. OLVEA Atlantic has built up a fish oils deodorisation unit in order to produce finished products for the human consumption.

OLVEA Burkina Faso inaugurated in 2016 its new green plant, where OLVEA now produces Sesame oil in addition to the Shea butter.

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