With over 90 years of experience and know-how in the oils and fats industry, OLVEA is a leading supplier of vegetable and Omega fish oils.

Founded in 1929 in Normandy (France), the initial business of this family-owned Group was to trade cod liver oils in connection with the activity of the fishing port of Fécamp. Today, the OLVEA Group employs more than 300 people worldwide, with more than 60,000 tons of oils sold per year.

OLVEA’s annual growth rate is 10% with a sales turnover of 200 million euros and an investment of more than €40 million over the past 5 years, including new production plants, refining and storage capacities compliant with the current health and environment regulations.

OLVEA grows continuously through its 2 business units:

Recently, OLVEA has inaugurated OLVEA Green Technologies, one of Europe’s first green and eco-design refining plant for vegetable and Omega fish oils.


OLVEA has taken decisive steps forward by defining its 2025 strategy, which places Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues at the heart of our concerns.

Simultaneously, the CSR ambition for 2029 has been defined in collaboration with the members of the COMEX (Executive Committee) to ensure consistency and alignment of the company’s management.

We have also involved all our employees in the implementation of our CSR policy, through co-construction workshops. On a day-to-day basis, a dedicated team oversees this action plan in collaboration with fifteen action managers who actively contribute to the annual reporting.

This global, participative approach is at the heart of our CSR approach: it guarantees the strong implication of all our teams, and enables us to pursue a responsible and ambitious project for the future.

of OLVEA employees have been trained to the Climate Fresk

Historic Review

Discover OLVEA’s history, since its creation in 1929 to its last investments.

Our values

OLVEA - Our values - Sustainability


Act together for a sustainable development and
ensure the future for the next generations.

OLVEA - Our values - Team spirit


Be an actor of our development with multicultural,
happy and supportive teams.

OLVEA - Our values - Innovative


Dare ideas, creativity and entrepreneurship
in order to anticipate our development.

OLVEA - Our values - Dynamism


Be a flexible and reactive company.

OLVEA - Our values - Performance


Cultivate excellence to serve our performance.

OLVEA - Our values - Trust


Base our collaboration on trust.

Quality policy

Since its creation in 1929, the OLVEA Group has always been committed to the satisfaction of its customers, whether it is for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic or food industry. It remains, for its current directors, a guarantee of prosperity and development.

The Quality Policy of OLVEA is based on 4 principles:


supplier approval process,
setting up of security stocks,
quality controls with on-site and COFRAC-accredited labs, especially for contaminants, as well as checking the suppliers’ analysis reports.


control of the chemical, allergenic, physical and microbiological hazards according to HACCP methods for the safety of the delivered oils,
control of cross-contaminations between different oils,
batches traceability system,
control and management of logistics.


knowledge of the vegetable and Omega fish oils market,
analysis of supply and demand,
innovative offer to meet our customers’ needs, in compliance with the regulations in force.


managing the process from quotation to delivery,
through effective communication,
with a skilled and regularly trained staff,
developing continuous improvement according to ISO 9001 quality management system.