Corporate Social Responsability

Sustainability has always been one of OLVEA’s core values. Since 2018, OLVEA formalizes its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, with dedicated leading employees, through a policy and an action plan, accompanied by ambitious and quantifiable goals with the horizon of OLVEA’s 100th anniversary in 2029. Since 2020, OLVEA goes further by publishing annually its CSR performance report, OLVEAct Now, which is also shared with the United Nations as part of our membership to the Global Compact.

The OLVEAct Now report is based on the six main themes of OLVEA’s CSR Policy:


OLVEA’s management carries out its commitments through its collaborators, whether they concern ethical business, compliance with regulations or responsible procurement.


OLVEA is committed to being a major and sustainable player in the local development of the regions where the Group operates.


OLVEA is committed to improving its environmental impact through an effective environmental management, from which regular protective and preventive actions result.


Thanks to the daily involvement of its collaborators, OLVEA guarantees to its clients listening, transparency and reactivity.


OLVEA invests continuously and sustainably in order to offer products that always suit the needs of its customers and the market.


OLVEA is committed to having happy and fulfilled collaborators, and focuses on working conditions allowing the personal and professional development of everyone.

OLVEA's sustainable commitments


OLVEA has listed all of its CSR actions, initiatives and commitments in its OLVEAct Now report, among which:

• The OLVEA Group is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact since 2015, which means we committed to the 10 principles related to Human rights, international labour standards, environment and anti-corruption, and we are submitting a Communication on Progress each year;

• In 2018, OLVEA inaugurated OLVEA Green Technologies, one of Europe’s first green and eco-design refinery plants for vegetable and fish oils;

• OLVEA raises awareness about eco-actions every day among its collaborators, by making available an electric car, ecocups, tote bags and recycling bins to them on its French sites.

• On January, 1st, 2019, OLVEA decided to remove all single-use plastic cups and bottles from its sites in France ;

OLVEA is a signatory of the Responsible Care® Charter; in 2019, OLVEA won the Responsible Care® Trophy (France Chimie) – in the CSR and local integration category.

OLVEA has receives the EcoVadis Platinum Medal for the third year in a row, reaffirming its position among the top 1% of the most advanced companies in terms of CSR! 

Committed to maintaining high standards of social responsibility and safety, OLVEA has undergone a rigorous SMETA audit. This internationally recognized standard focuses on health and safety as well as working conditions and practices. 

Sustainability 1


OLVEA Vegetable Oils and OLVEA Burkina Faso are certified For Life by Ecocert for their corporate social responsibility;

OLVEA’s Shea butter and Sesame oil supply chains are fair-trade certified according to Ecocert’s Fair for Life standard;

OLVEA Burkina Faso is a member of the Union for the Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) since 2013;

OLVEA Vegetable Oils is financing Marocavie‘s actions in the Argan forest.


OLVEA Omega Solutions is certified Friend of the Sea since 2011;

OLVEA Omega Solutions is Chain of Custody certified under the MarinTrust programme;

OLVEA Omega Solutions and OLVEA Atlantic are certified MSC Chain of Custody since 2017;

OLVEA Omega Solutions is committed to sourcing its fish oils from fishing areas where fish stocks have been monitored and assessed by the FAO and local research institutes as not being at risk of collapse;

In 2019, OLVEA Omega Solutions decided to formalize its approach and actions on sustainability into a comprehensive sustainability policy for fish oils sourcing. This sustainable procurement policy concretizes the formal commitment of OLVEA and its management, to source 90% of fish oils from responsible sources by 2022;

OLVEA Omega Solutions is an « SFP Target 75 Champion », and has set the goal of seeing 75% or more of global seafood volumes in key sectors being produced in a sustainable manner, or improving towards sustainability, by 2020. As a « Target 75 Champion », OLVEA is also an implementor of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14 « Life below water », whose objective is to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development.


OLVEA - Marine Stewardship Council - Certified sustainable seafood and omega 3 fish oils
Marine Trust

OLVEA Foundation

OF couleur gras

OLVEA Foundation works for actions of general interest, mainly in the region of Fécamp and in the countries where the OLVEA group is established, in particular in Morocco, Mauritania and Burkina Faso. Since then, OLVEA Foundation has organized projects such as literacy campaigns in Africa, restoration of a church, students’ sponsorships, artworks, etc.

Charitable Organization Marocavie

Sustainability 2

In Morocco, OLVEA has created Marocavie, a charitable organization aiming to fight against the desertification and rural exodus as well as improve the children’s schooling conditions and the socio-economic development of women and their families. Marocavie is financing projects such as medical campaigns, food distributions, school infrastructures, reforestation, etc.