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 fleche-titre PRESENTATION
In Morocco, the co-workers of OLVEA Morocco have set up a charitable organization Marocavie,s dedicated to support economic, social and environmental projects in the Southwest part of Morocco, where the argan tree forests are found. Marocavie works with local volunteers only, and is completely free from any political or religious affiliations.

Marocavie achieve its mission by working in partnership with local communities in order to:
• improve education for children,
• provide socioeconomic opportunities for women and their families,
• prevent the spread of the desert and slowdown rural exodus.

fleche-titre OUR CORE VALUES
Five values are defining Marocavie’s action. They are held and shared every day by the organization’s team:
• Focusing on the needs of the beneficiaries
• Using resources efficiently and effectively
• Being consistently honest and trustworthy
• Maintaining full transparency and accountability
• Continuously improving our charitable actions

fleche-titre OUR PROJECTS
– Orphanage Taroudant City: Marocavie has supported the orphanage “Centre de l’Enfance Lalla Amina” (CELAT) which houses 60 children aged from 0 to 18. In this center, Marocavie has financed all the expenses of a house where 7 children live with 2 parent-teachers: their school furniture, clothes, food, medecines, the parent-teachers salaries, etc..

– Improving the education of children: Marocavie is supporting 5 elementary schools in Essaouira Region in financing infrastructures: installation of the electric power network, providing water to school, construction and installation of equipments (sanitary facilities, surrounding walls, whiteboards…), painting and repairing of the buildings, planting green space…

– Combat the spread of the desert and slow the rural exodu : Marocavie has supplied and installed a water pump to irrigate dried plots of agricultural lands in the region of Biougra.

– Equipment of 2 wells: In the region of Ait Lazza in Morocco, the supply of drinking water is far and hard to reach. Marocavie has financed the project that consists in the exploitation of two existing wells, which needed: a pump, a water distribution network, solar panels, as well as a water tank. One well is located in the village of Bougdrour, the other in the village of Agni, and also provides water to the village of Tiguemi Ouzrou. The equipment of those wells benefited to 70 families, which makes a total of 376 persons (among whom 166 children).

– Medical campaigns: In 2013, Marocavie has financed a medical campaign, which aims to provide medical services to the populations of the mountainous regions. A fully equipped minibus, with a medical staff of 10 persons, has traveled 145 kilometers in one day; it went from the center of Agadir to the Province of Taroudant. More than 400 persons have benefited from medicine delivery and specialized medical consultations (general practice, dentistry, gynecology, ophthalmology, ultrasounds, screening tests…). This operation had such a resounding success, 13 new medical campaigns are scheduled from October 2015 to May 2016.

Learn more: visit or download the Marocavie’s brochure.

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